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Clarsach trio from Glasgow

The Willow Trio


  • Sophie Rocks
  • Sam MacAdam
  • Romy Wymer

The Willow Trio are a traditional/folk trio from Glasgow featuring the clarsach playing of Sophie Rocks, Sam MacAdam and Romy Wymer. The trio perform original material as well as classical and traditional arrangements[1]. The trio have recorded at Solas Sounds[2] and Dystopia[3].

Their 2023 album Eala Sh​à​ilein / The Swan of Salen is a reworking of Eala Shàilein as an intermingling with Swan Lake. A dance element was created by Ballet Folk, which is used as a projection behind the musicians for live performances. David Mead of Seeing Dance described the music as 'conveying beautifully the feelings of love, tension and heartache in the story in a marvellously sympathetic, often delicate coming together of the Tchaikovsky with traditional Scottish tunes and themes. It is beautiful to listen to.'[4].


Oystercatchers - Official Music Video - The Willow Trio - by Romy Wymer - Clarsach Trio


...truly exquisite debut album - World Music Central

...a joyous capturing of sound which I cannot recommend highly enough. - The Music Files

Eala Shailein is a really versatile & lovelily flowing selection of highly crafted, well-wrought musical pieces. - Mumble Music



Year Title Type
2021 Oystercatchers Single
2021 Mathair Spe/Tha Mi Sgith Single
2021 A'Ghille dhuinn is toigh leam thu Single
2021 Oystercatchers E.P.
2023 Puirt à Beul Album
2023 Eala Sh​à​ilein / The Swan of Salen Album


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