The Rhythmic State

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Rave duo from Craigshill, Livingston

Dates active: 1992 - present

The Rhythmic State

  • Andy Cocozza
  • Nic Williams

The Rhythmic State is an OG dance music duo from Livingston[1].


Back in the Day (2023 Remastered Version) - The Rhythmic State - Archive Footage from Double Vision Crew


Year Title Type
1993 Power People Single
1994 Another World Single
1994 Black Track Jack Single
1994 Rock Hard Trooper (Dedicated to Gavin) Single
1994 Soap on a Rope (Hype Remix) Single
1994 The Creator (Bass Generator Remix) Single
1994 The King Single
1995 No DS Allowed Single
1995 Slam Single
1997 Soap On A Rope Single
2021 Soap On A Rope (DJ smurf 'ravebomber' remix) Single
2022 Time to Get Sweeter (1994 remix) Single
2022 Power People (Stuart McNiven Remix) Single
2022 Get a Little Deeper Single
2022 The Creator (Hey Hey All the People Say) Single
2022 Soap on a Rope (Steven Brown's 140 Remix) Single
2022 Control in the Metro E.P.
2022 Get a Little Deeper (VALHALLA Remix) Single
2022 State Crew Album
2022 No D.S. Allowed (6 Little Piggies Remix) Single
2022 Soap on a Rope (Hype Remix) (2022 Remaster) Single
2023 Back in the Day (2023 Remastered) Single
2023 Heart Sing (2023 Remastered Version) Single


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