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Folk trio
Dates active: 2008 - present[1]

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The Langan Band (originally known as The John Langan Band)[4] are a folk band[5]. "Glaswegian folk favourites", they describe their gigs as 'high energy, but also very dynamic. We like to try to take the audience on a journey.'[6]. Their sound has been described as 'extravagantly freewheeling yet tautly configured'[7].


The Langan Band - The D-Mented Set/ Auld Jimmy - Live at Smugglers Festival 2015


The Langan Band were recipients of the Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections in 2008[8].


The Langan Band have played at the Orkney Folk Festival in 2022[9].

In 2018 and 2020, they have been featured as part of Showcase Scotland[10].


we were blown away by this band’s energy and talent…wow-wow-wow-WOW! Their synergy was such that it truly sounded as though every song was a high quality recording- every note, every explosive beat and harmony in perfect co-ordination throughout... for a stompingly good night out dancing ye cannae beat it! - Mumble Music

...voluptuously proportioned tracks, a veritable United Nations of musical influences and an infectious disregard for musical convention - Folk Radio

Their unique style, formidable talent and infamously manic live atmosphere has helped them make a name for themselves on the folk music scene, and after their performance... it’s obvious what all the fuss is about...Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and their skill with their instruments is deeply impressive...If you’re looking for a band to get you on your feet, The Langan Band will do you one better; they’ll get you out of your mind. - Folk and Honey


There’s been some milestones in terms of achievement, like playing The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow, our home city, where we grew up going to see so many awesome gigs in that legendary atmospheric venue. So to play for 2,000 fans singing along to our songs was emotional to say the least. - John Langan


Year Title Type
2013 Bones Of Contention (as the John Langan Band) Album
2023 Plight o' Sheep Album


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