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Progressive rock/metal band from Glasgow



  • Inese Voyager: vocals
  • Connor Traill: guitar/vocals
  • Ruwen Synovzik: bass/vocals
  • Sean McQueen: keys
  • Paul J Harcus: drums

Tarysian are a progressive rock/metal band from Glasgow[1].


Artist Biography

Tarysian was first formed by drummer Paul J Harcus, who was keen to start drumming again after moving from Orkney to Glasgow. Paul was a long time lover of drums, and a keen fan of progressive rock and metal, and advertised for musicians to join his new project, which was centred around prog. This project ended up as Tarysian.

Alongside Paul, the band was formed with bassist Ruwen Synovzik. With no prior experience with the progressive genre, Ruwen was a fan of many other genres including rock and metal but also jazz and funk, and was immediately able to provide a new slant to the initial song ideas.

Guitaris Connor Traill then joined bringing his fluid metal guitar stylings to the mix, balancing the prog and jazz sounds and providing an accessible edge. Connor is also the producer of the band.

Sean McQueen was brought in on the keys, an experienced player with a passion for prog, a musical talent for filling in gaps and layering textures.

Rounding off the quintet is vocalist Inese Voyager. With a diverse taste in music and a history of varied vocal techniques from classical to metal, she was a crucial element to broaden the band's style and performances.


Year Title Type
2021 Hybrid E.P.


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