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Indie pop from Edinburgh

Dates active: 2002 - 2014

Swimmer One


Swimmer One were an indie pop band from Edinburgh formed by Andrew Eaton Lewis and Hamish Brown in 2002. Laura Cameron Lewis joined in 2007[1].


Swimmer One - We Just Make Music For Ourselves

Artist Biography

Their first album, The Regional Variations, was released in 2007. Eaton told The Independent: 'The album is a kind of geographical tour around Scotland – you start in the sea and you end on a beach.'[2]

Second album, Dead Orchestras, followed in 2010. Both albums were released on the band's own label Biphonic Records.

Alongside Scottish musicians including Wounded Knee, Emma Pollock, Withered Hand, Cora Bissett, Conquering Animal Sound, Meursault, Seafieldroad, Errors and Rachel Sermanni, the band took part in the multimedia project Whatever Gets You Through The Night, conceived by Cora Bissett, and consisting of a live stage show at The Arches in 2012 and The Queen's Hall in 2013[3].

The band went on 'indefinite hiatus' in 2012, reuniting in 2014 to create Edinburgh Fringe show, All Back to Bowie's, with David Greig[4].


...an understated juxtaposition of absorbing melody and scything lyricism that transcends beyond its initial coy ushering into a whooshing gem of elegiac synth-carved splendour - Drowned In Sound]


Year Title Type
2007 The Regional Variations Album
2007 The Regional Variations Album
2010 Dead Orchestras Album
2013 Dead Orchestras (Instrumentals) Album
2023 Outliers (singles revisited, 2003​-​2023) Album


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