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This is a website about music in Scotland.

The Project

Scottish Music Source has several goals. It aims to be a resource for musicians, journalists, music fans, the music industry and social historians. It is also an advocate of electronic freedom, reclaiming digital space from multinational corporations and giving the power back to local organisations and people.

For musicians

This site is a place for musicians from Scotland to tell your story in glorious technicolour. Email us at to get your article online.

Scottish Music Source also provides links to contacts throughout the music industry so if you are looking for a studio, photographer, venue, label, instrument specialist or anything else, you can find it here.

For journalists

This site is a place to find comprehensive information and social links for many hundreds of Scottish artists and is expanding every day. We aim to help you with your research about bands and artists to support them in getting the best media coverage they can.

For music fans

This site is above all a place for people who love music. Find your new favourite acts by checking out the artists listed by genre, find local music by exploring artists in your local area or discovermusicians who play your favourite instrument. Scottish Music Source aims to give you access to music new and old to astound your ears or bring you peace

For the wider industry

Scottish Music Source is a comprehensive information resource about the music industry, aiming to provide that information direct to musicians. There are no alogrithms here, pushing your site to the bottom of the rankings - if you spend a lot of your day working with musicians, your services are easy to find on this site - either by exploring the music industry listings or by exploring the town or area where you are based.

For social historians

The ease of making updates to social media means that much of our current historical information is locked inside the thousands of posts on a social media profile. This site aims to provide a coherent historical perspective on the contemporary music scene by recording the stories of lives embedded therein and archiving wherever possible. Like the recorders of folk songs, or the saviours of the lost BBC tapes, Scottish Music Source is an attempt to stand against the relentless wave of chitter chatter to tell a grand story of our time.

If you want to talk to us about music in Scotland, get in touch at

This wiki is currently only able to be edited by trusted editors. If it is going to be the resource it could be to help Scottish artists, more editors are needed. Please email to find out how you can help.