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Indie pop singer-songwriter from Edinburgh
Dates active: 2017 - present[1]

Sarah Gallagher

Sarah Gallagher (also known as the Sarah Gallagher Band) is an indie pop singer-songwriter from Edinburgh[2]. She has performed with Fidra[3] featuring on the E.P. Broken Ground[4], and has recorded with Mark Morrow Audio[5] and The Green Door Studio[6]. Launch parties for her E.P. AWOL were held on 10 February 2023 at The Tooth and Claw and on 14 February 2023 at Sneaky Pete's[7].


Cock a hoop EP track Sarah Gallagher. Unreleased.


In 2018, Sarah performed at Ironworks Venue[8].

In 2022, she performed along with the Sarah Gallagher Band at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival[9], at Hootanannay for a Ukraine fundraiser[10], at Sneaky Pete's[11], at Leftfest[12], at the NC50 MusicFest[13] and at The Hug And Pint[14].

In 2023, she was booked to play Woodzstock Festival[15]


this EP is a phenomenal listen. It’s not without its rough edges but they add character and dimension to the music in a way that is unique and uplifting. I hope that Sarah really runs with the momentum that this release will no doubt garner and continues to release new music in the near future. - XL Entertainment


Year Title Type
2020 Blue Lights (Radio Edit) Single
2022 A Man's A Man for A'that (Rabbie Burns) Single
2023 AWOL E.P.


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