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Ska band from Glasgow



  • Roderick Drysdale: vocals
  • Graeme Mearns: lead guitar/vocals
  • Gordon Davidson: bass/vocals
  • Fudgie McFadden: guitar/vocals
  • Ollie Farrell: keyboards
  • Ali Hendry: trumpet
  • Adam Lawson: drums

Rudebeard are a ska band from Glasgow[1].


Rudebeard @ Bannermans Bar


the sort of playful band that has no greater purpose than to bring a bit of joy to your ears - Bluesbunny

...funny, gleefully irreverent, and extraordinarily catchy... - The Duff Guide To Ska


Year Title Type
2019 Smell Yer Ska E.P. E.P.
2020 As You Walk Away E.P. E.P.
2020 Disgrace E.P. E.P.
2020 20-20 Single
2021 One Big Yes E.P. E.P.
2021 Larry In The Hole Single
2021 Toepokes and Tragedies (Acoustic) Single
2021 The Good, The Beard and The Ugly E.P. E.P.
2021 Rudebeard meet the Goat of Mendes E.P.
2022 A Mucky Fumble with Rudebeard E.P. E.P.


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