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Electro pop artist from Glasgow



MALKA (real name Tamara Schlesinger[1]) is an electro pop artist from Glasgow[2]. She is a founder of female/non binary collective Hen Hoose, and on the advisory group for the Scottish Music Industry Association[3]. She was formerly the frontwoman of 6 Day Riot.


MALKA - Flashlight


With Schlesinger playing every note on the album herself, self-recording and self-producing, Anatomy of Sight is a deeply personal piece of work. - Snack Mag

Oozing plenty of synth goodness, new single No No No is a joyous piece of perfection. This was literally a colourful explosion with added carnival esque beats which will have you marching on the spot. Then you had Tamara’s candy coated vocals and those exquisite lyrics about the NHS which left me utterly captivated. - Music Is My Radar

There’s not a moment where the experimental nature of MALKA doesn’t shine through with gorgeous hooks and melodies that are given time to work their magic in ways we could never have anticipated. - TuneFountain

The melodies Schlesinger weaves are often uplifting and vibrant, with the bouncy hook of single Taking It Back epitomising this by bursting forth from an otherwise restrained palette. - The Skinny


Year Title Type
2014 What is Love Single
2014 Into The Night Single
2015 Let It Go Single
2015 I Never Needed Love Single
2015 Wrap It Up Single
2015 Marching To Another Beat Album
2016 Wonder Why Single
2017 Breakout Single
2017 Falling Single
2017 No No No Single
2017 Ratatatat Album
2019 Taking It Back Single
2019 Tiny Fires Single
2020 Moving Together Single
2020 I'm Not Your Soldier Album
2020 The Only Way Is Up Single
2020 Moving Together (Lau.ra Remix) Single
2021 Reach Out Single
2021 Alive Single
2021 The Bliss (with Inge Thomson) Single
2022 Not Alone Single
2022 On The Up (with AMUNDA) Single
2023 Flashlight Single
2023 Matriarch Single
2023 Anatomy of Sight Album


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