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Alt-rock from Irvine



  • PJ Kelly: vocals/guitar
  • Sean Kelly: drums
  • Ross McCluskie: keyboards
  • Greg Irish: guitar
  • Calum Davis: bass

Culann (previously known as Wake The Neighbours) are a five piece alt-rock band from Irvine, Ayrshire [1]. The band bring together an eclectic range of influences - blend folk, Celtic-rock, alt-rock, prog rock and reggae[2].


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The band consists of brothers Sean and PJ Kelly, plus schoolmates Ross McCluskie and Calum Davis. They met Greg Irish through their shared hobby of skateboarding. The brothers do most of the songwriting, but they share songwriting duties with Ross[3].

The band name comes from Culann a figure in Irish mythology, whose door was guarded by a fierce watchdog which was killed and replaced by Sétanta an Irish demigod who took on the role of the killed dog, and subsequently became known as Cú Chulainn.

Their debut album Culann in 2012 and follow up The Great Ecumene were recorded at Watercolour Music, Ardgour[4].


Year Title Type
2009 Bogus Conclusions Single
2010 Sweet Release Single
2012 Culann Album
2014 All Reverie Single
2017 Evonium Single
2019 The Great Ecumene Album
2022 Rovers Single


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