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Death metal band from in and around Glasgow
Dates active: 2018 - present[1]

Coffin Mulch


  • Al: vocals
  • David: guitar
  • Rich: bass
  • Fraser: drums

Past members

  • Mark: guitar


Coffin Mulch are a death metal band from in and around Glasgow[4]. Their music has been described as for fans of 'Autopsy, Nihilist, Carnage, Asphyx, and Dismember'[5]. Their albums Septic Funeral[6] and Into The Blood[7], and single Supposed to Rot[8] were all recorded at 16 Ohm Studio.


COFFIN MULCH - "Into The Blood" video. Filmed by Tape Rituals at Dystopia.


You know those releases that you stumble on, and are instantly hooked with? For me this is one of them... quite simply joyously grotesque. - Moshville

This is a really exciting release, featuring insane artwork from Adam Burke... I thoroughly enjoyed it. - The Sleeping Shaman

Everything about Coffin Mulch’s debut album screams old school death metal. The terse sonic attack clocks in at just over 20 minutes, but in that short period the band hammers the ears with wonderfully distorted guitars and guttural vocals that cause the demons in hell to shiver. - Metal Utopia


Year Title Type
2019 Demo E.P.
2021 Septic Funeral Album
2021 Supposed To Rot Single
2022 Into The Blood Single


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