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Pop singer-songwriter from Glasgow

Carla J Easton


Carla J Easton is a pop singer-songwriter from Glasgow[1]. She has also released under the name Ette.


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She was a member of Futuristic Retro Champions and TeenCanteen. Her songs have been covered by BMX Bandits, and she has worked with Belle and Sebastian co-writing the track “Best Friend” and Honeyblood and Solareye. Most recently, she is part of the collaboration Poster Paints with [[Sean Liddell][2].


Her album Impossible Stuff was shortlisted for the SAY Award 2019.


Year Title Type
2015 Special Occasions (as Ette) Single
2016 Attack Of The Glam Soul Cheerleaders (parts 1 & 2) (as Ette) Single
2016 Homemade Lemonade Album
2018 Lights In The Dark Single
2018 Wanting What I Can't Have E.P.
2018 Song For You Single
2018 Impossible Stuff Album
2019 Girl From Before Single
2019 Rosie Skye Goes To Sleep Single
2020 Get Lost Single
2020 Never Knew You Single
2020 WEIRDO (feat. Honeyblood) Single
2020 WEIRDO Album
2020 A Very Weird Christmas Single
2021 Homemade Lemonade (5th Anniversary Edition) Album


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