Carbona Not Glue

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Ramones tribute band from Edinburgh
Dates active: 1994 - present

Carbona Not Glue


  • Calvin Burt: drums
  • David Hall: vocals
  • Robin Woods: guitar
  • Simon Kettles: bass

Past members

  • Nick Harrison:drums
  • Dave Drums: drums
  • Derek Waddle: bass

Carbona Not Glue are a Ramones tribute band from Edinburgh[1]. Formed in 1994, they are the longest running Ramones tribute act in the world, and played their first gig at Tap O' Lauriston in 1995. The current line up features Calvin Burt (Thanes, Liberty Takers), David Hall, Robin Woods (Vatican Shotgun Scare) and Simon Kettles (Ruby Suit)[2].


Ramones Tribute : Carbona Not Glue Live at Edinburgh's Ross Bandstand 1998


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