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Electronic music from the Outer Hebrides
Dates active: July 2022 - present

Bundle Of His

Bundle Of His (real name Allan Kennedy) is an electronic music producer in the Outer Hebrides[1]. The name refers to heart muscle cells specialised for electrical conduction[2].

Formerly a guitarist and bass guitarist in bands, brain cancer and its effects led him to transfer his musical interest to a medium he could produce with more limited arm control. Drawing influence from artists such as Four Tet, Mogwai and Max Cooper, Allan describes his sound as 'a cross between lofi trance and post rock', and his work is self produced/written in either the Isle of Lewis or Barra in the Outer Hebrides with an aesthetic he calls 'unproduced, lots of distortion bleeding together kind of sound'[3].



Year Title Type
2022 In The Rushes E.P.
2022 Vague and Contradictory Demands E.P.
2022 Apparitions E.P.
2022 What If I Die Here? E.P.
2022 Hyskeir E.P.


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