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Blues band from Edinburgh

Broken Windows


Broken Windows (also known as Liz Jones and Broken Windows) are a blues band from Edinburgh, combining influences from rock, jazz, blues, folk & latin[1].


Liz Jones & Broken Windows - Karma - The Caves, Edinburgh, 15/08/21


A major strength of the band throughout the set was the chemistry between the musicians which impacts upon their interactions with each other to achieve a cohesive and expansive sound - American Blues Scene

You guys are somehow peaceful but debaucherous at the same time. - Anonymous audience member

brilliant rhythm section...great laid-back blues sound...a great opening act, very professional and with pure musicianship and emotion - Blues Matters


Year Title Type
2018 Lover Single
2019 Wendy Single
2020 Candle Single
2021 Stain Single
2021 Bricks & Martyrs Album


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