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At A Glance

Rock band from Edinburgh

Dates active: 2007 - present

Broken Records


Broken Records are a rock band from Edinburgh[1] founded in 2007. They have recorded at The Depot Studios[2] and Tape Studios[3].


Broken Records - Night Time


one of Scotland’s most stirring outfits - The Scotsman

Built around Jamie Sutherland’s trademark bellow, Revival is an energetic chunk of impassioned pop, that takes in shouty backing vocals, hand-clap percussion and some swelling brass escapades that carry the track home to its somewhat triumphant finale - Goldflake Paint

...thundering piano and triumphant brass building towards a climax of pure concentrated catharsis - The Skinny

Edinburgh’s Broken Records are somewhat under-appreciated hometown heroes – a band of class, energy and emotion. On their latest album, they lean to acoustic arrangements without compromising the richness of their sound. The Dreamless Sleep of the 1990s is an elegant mid-life crisis of an album – not characterised by hitting the self-destruct button but by invoking simpler times as the responsibilities of adulthood crowd in and the rollercoaster of life experience leaves its mark. - The Scotsman



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Year Title Type
2008 If the News Makes You Sad, Don't Watch It Single
2008 Slow Parade / Problem With Remembering Single
2009 Until The Earth Begins To Part Single
2009 Until The Earth Begins To Part Album
2009 Out On The Water E.P.
2010 A Darkness Rises Up Single
2010 Lies Single
2010 Let Me Come Home Album
2011 You Know You're Not Dead Single
2014 Weights and Pulleys Album
2014 Toska E.P.
2015 I Won't Leave You In The Dark (Single Edit) Single
2018 What We Might Know Album
2018 They Won't Ever Leave Us Alone Single
2023 Night Time Single
2023 The Dreamless Sleep Of The 1990s Single
2023 The Dreamless Sleep Of The 1990s Album