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Doom metal band from Glasgow
Dates active: 2012 - present



  • Iain Laing (Spawn): vocals/bass
  • Mac: guitar
  • Del: drums
  • Andy Kennedy: guitar

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Aye-aye are a three piece doom metal band based in Glasgow named after a species of lemur[1]. They have recorded at The Audio Lounge[2] and Tornface Studios[3]. Bassist and vocalist Iain Laing has described the band's sound as "a splendid sea of fuzz, oscillations and beats"[4].


Aye-Aye @ Ivory Blacks Glasgow Scotland 18/2/2022


Year Title Type
2014 Men Are Ugly Album
2016 Winter In The Forest Live 2016 Album
2017 Peace E.P.
2020 Stars and Trails E.P.
2021 Dear Life Album


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