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Multiinstrumentalist, composer and producer based in the Black Isle

Anna Massie

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Anna Massie is a traditional musician and multiinstrumentalist playing guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo and fiddle, record producer and composer based in the Black Isle[1]. She has worked with Blazin' Fiddles, Jenn Butterworth, Mairearad Green and RANT.



She is a three time nominee for Best Instrumentalist at the Scots Trad Music Awards. In 2022 she was nominated for Producer of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards[2].


Year Title Type
2003 Glad Company Album
2006 The Missing Gift (with Jenn Butterworth and Mairearad Green) Album
2013 Doubling (with Mairearad Green) Album
2020 TwentyPlenty (with Mairearad Green) Album


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